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Finding a path to making art

Finding Your Path as a Creative in a Culture of Money

So you are an artist or creative of some sort, a painter, writer, craft person, musician,  etc. It is just the way you are. You may not have planned to be all artsy, you may have even tried to stop because it would be so much easier to just be really good at book-keeping or beekeeping or something practical. Fitting in, being happy and healthy and sensible, while keeping a creative practice going can be puzzling in our profit-crazed culture. This blog is where I grapple with this dichotomy with topics like...

Talent is nothing without consistency 

The most important thing to remember when creating is the time gap between learning and mastery, brilliantly stated by Ira Glass.

Don't believe the myth of talent. No matter how good someone is at something you admire they spent time getting there and probably were not very good at it, to begin with. It is nice to do something that comes naturally but even then many iterations are needed before the final draft in most cases.

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Marketing for Creatives

I have spent some dough on artrepreneur courses so I will review them here so you can decide if they are worth buying for your particular needs.  Profitable Online Stores with Steve Chou, Andreea Ayers online store course, Ann Rea's Making Art Making Money course, and more.

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Jobs with flexibility

To launch an art business you need time and money and flexibility. I have stories: Drafting, 3D modeling, Art class modeling, Massage Certification, Pilates, Uber, Food Delivery, Luxury Sales, Caregiver, medical assistant? What is right for you while you grow your art business?

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Crazy frugal lifestyle hacks

House sitting, vanabode, roommates arg! there has to be a way to get rid of unnecessary expenses, noise, things and people who are getting in the way of doing your thing.


Eating for Creativity

OK you can't seem to give up on building, painting, writing or whatever it is you do so well, but boy is it making you tired! You need energy if you are going to launch that thing of yours.

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Musings on life and art and why we are here and how it could be even better.

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Book and film reviews

I love to read and watch all kinds of genre. It is like compost for the garden of art making.