Review of Andreea Ayers Ulitmiate Online Store Course

June 10, 2016

fairy forestCost $600, payment plan of $219 per month or the VIP version for $1000 with live training.

I have been following Andreea Ayers for a couple of years now and have been impressed with her articles and podcasts. She has a great track record in online selling with the added ability to get items into the offline market as well. She is one of the few marketers I have come across who has extensive knowledge of how to work with magazines to get articles in seasonal issues to promote your products. She is not a fine artist but she does know how to market artisanal and unique items using your own site.

At this point her new store course is very good but not as extensive as Steve Chou’s course. But she is adding to it regularly. At this point I feel that it is a little over priced for the amount of information. Though there is a lot of great information on how write copy to really connect with your audience, how to do an email marketing campaign, and a discussion of the many types of shopping carts available. So I do feel that it is a valuable course. And I may change my mind about price if she keeps adding lessons over the next few months.

Andreea is a trustworthy online marketer in a sea of marketing sharks. I have no hesitation about recommending any of her courses. I plan on taking her media happy course and I have her Pinterest guide as well. She also has a course on Creative Live and an extensive blog. Andrea is knowledgeable about selling art, gifts, and other tangible products on and offline.