Art Marketing


Which Art Marketing Experts Can you Trust?

A couple of years ago I started googling art marketing and unearthed some interesting artrepreneur gems. But it is also a very good way for others to get rich off of artists who are just trying to find new ways to sell art online and in person. So I wanted to review some of the legitimate offerings out there.

There is a plethora of creativity coaches, and marketing gurus that cater to creative people now. Some of them may be in it just to make money but there are some really useful courses and sites. The courses I have purchased were created by "artrepreneurs",  people who have been successful at building art businesses. 

Making Art Making Money with Ann Rea

Designed to Sell with  Jen Adrion and Omar Noorey

Online Store Course with Andreea Ayer

Profitable Online Store Course with Steve Chou 

How to Sell Art to Interior Designers by Barney Davey

Illustration Clients  and the Indispensable Illustrator by Alex


Online Marketing with Corey Huff

Freelancers Guide by Brenon Dunn